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Client: David De John

What's in my Water?
What’s in my Water?

David De John is a well-known researcher and public speaker.

2006. Easy-to-understand compilation of research data on water quality. Includes numerous tables and charts. 108 pages. Basic edit, layout, typeset, proofread.

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Kudos: “Working with Joy has been a tremendous experience. She’s no amateur at editing—her work is very professional and she is a pleasure to talk to. I have had lots of compliments on my book, which has been picked up by Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. I know that wouldn’t have been possible without her help.”
David De John, Executive Director
Clean Water Institute, Oak Forest, Illinois

Client: Dr. Didrik Sopler

Sopler Books
Effective Nutrition for Effective Healing
The Food Connection

Dr. Sopler has been in private practice for over 25 years, and also lectures internationally.

Effective Nutrition for Effective Healing: 2006. How to recover faster from pain and dysfunction through proper nutrition. 124 pages. Basic edit, layout, typeset, organize recipes, create index, proofread. Launch pdf

The Food Connection: 2007. Describes the dangers of low-grade inflammation and what you can do about it. 132 pages. Basic edit, layout, typeset, proofread. Launch pdf

Kudos: “I have been very happy with the service I received from Joy Minion. She is both competent and friendly. She was always available for questions and did not exceed her price quotes. I can highly recommend her and I will use her in the future for other projects.”
Didrik Sopler, Ph.D., L.Ac.
San Diego, California

Client: Donald L. Raun

New Neighbors on the Street
New Neighbors on the Street: Getting Acquainted with Muslims

2007. An insightful book exploring the Muslim faith and how it differs from Christianity. 204 pages. Basic edit, layout, typeset, proofread.

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Kudos: “I feel indebted to Joy Minion for her careful, conscientious expertise in editing and formatting New Neighbors. She made the book considerably better than it would have been otherwise.”



Client: Two Capes Press

Solved: The Mystery of the General Arnold
Solved: The Mystery of the General Arnold

Two Capes Press is the publishing house of co-authors Lenny Cavallaro, Lou Cook & Bob Jannoni.

2007. Well-researched account of the 1778 shipwreck of the General Arnold off the coast of Plymouth, Massachusetts. 112 pages. Layout, design interior graphics, edit photographs in Photoshop, typeset, design cover & logo.

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Kudos: “Joy Minion is a dedicated worker with a critical eye for detail and the patience of a saint. My colleagues and I feel that her layout and design work for our project were absolutely exemplary, and we particularly appreciate the painstaking efforts she took to address the seemingly endless minor corrections and/or stylistic preferences we hurled her way. We shall certainly plan to use her services with our next publication!”
Lenny Cavallaro, D.M.A., Department of English
Northern Essex Community College, Haverhill, Massachusetts

Kudos: “Why do you go to experts to get the job done? Because they have the expertise. When you are having work done there has to be a lot of trust on the part of the person doing it. Joy Minion has the expertise and the experience to do the job. The work for us at Two Capes Press was a tough job and she worked to get it done right. She never wavered. Her suggestions were what made this project a success.
Bob Jannoni, Co-Author & Researcher
Carver, Massachusetts


Study Guides

Client: Bible Alive Ministries (BAM)

Bible Alive Ministries Books
Personalities of Faith
Numbers & Deuteronomy
Respect: A fresh look at the Ten Commandments

BAM is an exciting nonprofit, publishing the writings of author Kent Groethe. These include devotionals, Bible studies, Confirmation materials, and numerous other books.

Personalities of Faith: 2005. 20 faith-inspiring devotionals for families. 68 pages. Transcribe handwritten copy, advanced edit, layout, typeset, proofread. Launch pdf

Numbers & Deuteronomy: 2007. 12 studies that make the Bible come alive. Includes Leader’s notes in back. 104 pages. Transcribe handwritten copy, advanced edit, layout, typeset, proofread. Launch pdf

Respect—A fresh look at the Ten Commandments: 2007. Student book for Confirmation curriculum. 64 pages. Transcribe handwritten copy, advanced edit, layout, interior graphics, typeset, proofread. Launch pdf

Kudos: “Joy Minion is the one who makes Bible Alive Ministries look good because of her wonderful talents in editing and formatting, along with her creativity. She’s efficient, thorough, and a great pleasure to work with. I am thrilled that we found her!”
Kent Groethe, Director
Bible Alive Ministries (BAM), Fergus Falls, Minnesota



Client: East European Missions Network

We Shall Live in Heaven
We Shall Live in Heaven

2007. Memoirs of Estonian Pastor Harri Haamer of the time he spent in Soviet slave labor camps. Published by Bible Alive Ministries to benefit the Tartu Academy of Theology in Estonia. 228 pages. Layout, typeset, proofread.

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Kudos: “Joy is a joy to work with, plain and simple. If I am ever in a project like this again (where I am totally in over my head!) I want Joy to pull things together.”
Karen Nordvall, Missions Team
Charity Lutheran Church, Bismarck, North Dakota



Client: Bible Alive Ministries

Mysterious Mrs. Watts
Mysterious Mrs. Watts

2007. A book about the summer escapades of four young people set in a small town in North Dakota. 75 pages. Transcribe from handwritten copy, advanced edit, layout, typeset, proofread.

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Client: Pastor Nate Carter

Higher Ground
Higher Ground

2007. Inspiring booklet encouraging people to draw closer to God. 24 pages. Basic edit, layout, typeset, proofread.

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Kudos: “Joy, let me offer a word of appreciation for your insightful consultation and editing. It was truly a pleasure to work with you on the Higher Ground project. We were profoundly blessed by your talent, help, and assistance. We look forward to working with you in the future on upcoming projects. May God’s blessing and favor rest upon you!”
Nate Carter, Senior Pastor
Frontline Christian Center, Boca Raton, Florida


Family History

Client: Kremin Family

Minion Family History
Kremin Family History

2003. Incorporated 115-page 1963 edition of the history of the Kremin family into an updated version. 295 pages. Research, write new copy, advanced edit, layout, typeset, proofread, format 100+ photographs, design cover.

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Minion Family History

Client: Minion Family

Minion Family History

1984. Research, wrote all copy, basic edit, layout, proofread, format numerous photographs and documents. 450 pages. Researched and wrote four subsequent updates. 250 pages.

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