About Joy Minion

I graduated from Minnesota State University—Moorhead in December 2006 with a B.A. in English/Mass Communications. I am currently working on my master’s degree in English/technical writing.

After a couple of decades of writing, researching, and self-publishing, I now work from home as a freelance editor, writer and typesetter. For excitement, I occasionally drive a squad car transporting the chemically impaired to detox. In my spare time I’m remodeling a 103-year-old farmhouse (6 rooms done, 5 to go).

I live north of Fergus Falls, Minnesota, my 46th stop on life’s road—I’m aiming for an even four dozen. Along the way, I’ve had catering, crafts and wellness businesses, taught the art of bread-making and managed a county historical society. I’m a Certified Nursing Assistant and once managed an assisted living facility. I’ve tutored English and math, written grants, sewn costumes for the drama departments of several schools, and organized various events and fundraisers.

I love learning new things and I enjoy travel, reading, my 5 grandsons, gardening, quilting, genealogy, baking, collecting (almost everything), photography and family, not necessarily in that order. My wide range of interests has prepared me well for the diverse subjects of the books I prepare for publication.

Resume available upon request.

What’s with the Bridges?

It’s a symbolic thing. . .my goal is to be a “bridge” between you as author and your audience.

Like the authors I work with, each bridge has a different perspective and style. Like the bridges found throughout this site, each project is unique. They arrive in all stages of completion, from handwritten copy to formatted manuscripts ready for typesetting. I love the variety of “architecture” and subject matter that comes my way!

Bridges are efficient ways to get from one place to another. My job is to take your manuscript through the pre-publication process and deliver it press-ready to your printer.

Many authors—especially first-timers—are in a bit of a fog about how to get their book into print. Others are focused and know just what they want. I can work through the fog to provide a clear route to publication.

And as for that blossom. . .take time to smell the flowers as we work to make your project bloom!