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Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses Minion Editing?
Most of my clients are self-published authors who want quality service with a personal touch. I believe that the author/editor relationship is an important one, and I work hard to make the process enjoyable for you. I’m not done until you’re satisfied! View my projects to read the comments of some of my clients.
What is the Process?

The pre-publication process does not have to be complicated! My services cover the entire process, from rough draft to press-ready. I can even design the cover! I consult with you regularly. . .after all, this is YOUR book. I want it to reflect your style—I’m just the “bridge” to help you get it from where it is now to what you want it to be.

One thing is absolutely essential: your book must be edited well. Attention to detail is crucial to the success of your book. View the wide range of pre-press services I provide for authors and publishers.

How do I get started?

Send me a note to start the process. First, we’ll discuss a few details about your project. If you decide to proceed, I will ask you to send me a copy of your manuscript in a Word file, if you have it. (I’ll even transcribe handwritten manuscripts!) After reviewing your manuscript, I’ll send you a price quote. I’ll add your project to my schedule when you accept the quote.

What's with the Bridges?

It’s a symbolic thing. . .my goal is to be a “bridge” between you as author and your audience.

Like the authors I work with, each bridge has a different perspective and style. Like the bridges found throughout this site, each project is unique. They arrive in all stages of completion, from handwritten copy to formatted manuscripts ready for typesetting. I love the variety of “architecture” and subject matter that comes my way!

Bridges are efficient ways to get from one place to another. My job is to take your manuscript through the pre-publication process and deliver it press-ready to your printer.

Many authors—especially first-timers—are uncertain or even a bit fearful about getting their project ready for publication. Others are focused and know just what they want. Together we can move step by step through the process – and have fun along the way! Ready to get started?

What other types of projects do you offer?

Need something other than what’s listed on the Services page? I can also help with creating an index, building a family tree, researching a particular topic, editing photos or designing promotional materials.

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What if I don’t live near you?

No problem! We can easily work via telephone, email or Zoom calls. See where some of my clients live

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