Peter the Polar Bear

Photo of Phletus Williams' book
Photo of interior page from Phletus Williams'book

Phletus Williams’ Peter the Polar Bear is a folklore story about a polar bear in the north. Hardcover. 44 pages.

  • performed advanced edit
  • edited artwork to fit full-page spreads
  • organized artwork to flow with story line
  • created glossary
  • formatted for side-sewn layout
  • coordinated sending final files to printer



  • Advanced edit
  • Layout & Design
  • Typesetting
  • Proofreading
  • Project Management
  • Publishing


  • Watercolor illustrations by Patricia Edwards


Genre: Fiction

From the Author

“Joy was an amazing woman with whom to work. She was very creative and understood my book and the message it was sending to the reader. She arranged it in a logical order and coordinated the illustrations with the text. This was my first attempt at writing a children’s book. Because of Joy’s help and encouragement, I now have written 5 other books that I intend to publish in the near future. My experiences working with Joy are all positive and I highly recommend her.”

Phletus Williams

Pelican Rapids, Minnesota