Between the Cattails & the Bulrushes

Photo of Gordon Ekberg's memoir
Photo of interior page from Gordon Ekberg's memoir

Gordon Ekberg’s Between the Cattails & the Bulrushes recounts the events of his life between 1933 and 2017. Written in a “folksy” style, his memories include life on his beloved Lawndale Farm in midwestern Minnesota, his love for waterfowl and the environment, and his opportunities for public speaking and leadership. 273 pages.

  • created/organized chapter layout
  • performed advanced edit
  • edited 180+ photos
  • created 34-page photo gallery
  • created chapter title graphic
  • managed entire prepress process
  • provided all publishing services



  • Advanced edit
  • Layout & Design
  • Typesetting
  • Proofreading
  • Project Management
  • Publishing


  • Cover design by Evangeline (Ekberg) Johnson



From the Author

 “Joy is a professional guide as an editor, being able to enhance where needed and to discuss options when needed. I had complete confidence in her work of editing, preparing photos for publication, making connections with the printer to ensure accuracy in all aspects of the book and for its timelines. Preparing the first page of the story for example was so gratifying: selecting fonts for text, placement of page numbers, adding appropriate logo and use of quality paper. It looked like a dream come true. Her confidence in the project is reassuring and calming to the client. She goes above and beyond as she drove miles to join me for the first book signing.”

Gay Ekberg

Herman, Minnesota